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  • M Dunwoody PE, CSP, CIH

ANOTHER MISSING FINGER: The case for having a safety management system

Several of us new about the issue:

· It was on a manager’s “To Do” list.

· It was entered into the maintenance work order system.

· It wasn’t that hard to fix.

· It wasn’t that expensive to fix.

But it didn’t get done. Then an employee from another area was asked to operate the machine while the normal operator attended training - Then, in an instant, her finger was gone.

Safety management systems prevent accidents:

· They track action items to completion.

· They escalate past due.

· They rank the risk and establish priorities.

· They obtain more engagement and identify/resolve issues.

· They work very well and prevent many unnecessary accidents.

· They can be very easy to get started and fully implemented in a matter of minutes – not days, not months, not years.

Look into them today and you could be implementing one tomorrow. And preventing your next accident by week’s end.

Heading to OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program’s National Symposium this week? Stop by our booth, #268, and register for one of the SMART Safety Manager subscriptions to be given away. Or go to and see for yourself how easy and inexpensive good safety management systems can be and what they can do for you.


Mark Dunwoody

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