SI Points measure what has been accomplished to reduce the likelihood of an accident in any area. 

A very smart way to manage safety.

Really Smart.

How SI Points work

What is the SMART Safety Manager App?

What is the most important component of your safety process?

Proactive employee involvement!

Do you even have a single reliable metric

that attempts to measure & track employee involvement?

With SMART Safety Manager's Safety Improvement Points you will!

 Simple process. 

Simple to understand.

Changing the world one safety observation at a time.

Measuring exactly what each manager has accomplished in their area automatically.

Every month.  Every day.  Every minute.

Shining the spotlight on superstars.

Focusing the light on slackers.


Tel: 484-668-1751

7104 Red Top Rd,

Hershey, PA 17036

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