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Safety Has Just Been Reinvented

Automatically measure monthly safety activity

of each department and manager...

with less effort than how you log safety data now!

How the SMART Safety Manager Works

SMART Safety Manager - How It Works

SMART Safety Manager - How It Works

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Do those around you understand what is needed for safety?

Would you like to get more safety items addressed?

Would you like support from others with your safety program?

Is other safety software too complicated or expensive?

Smart Safety Manager


Quickly logs safety information by anyone/anywhere.
Instantly measures true safety engagement & improvements by supervisors, managers, & departments.
It's easy.
It's inexpensive.
It prevents accidents.


Employee participation tripled as the number of accidents decreased!!

D. McGauley

Safety & Health Manager

Marcel Paper

SMART Safety Manager  is a game changer for any company that wants to improve their Safety Program!! The data collected provides the company with trends and statistics so the company can direct their energies into the training, hazard prevention, and procedures that are needed.

SMART Safety Manager  is user friendly and the best bang for the buck to drive results!!

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Tel: 484-668-1751

7104 Red Top Rd,

Hershey, PA 17036

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Our team is hyper-focused on providing you with the easiest-to-use, yet very powerful tool - at the most affordable price. 

Our mission is to improve safety performance dramatically by utilizing a simple safety management system that focuses the entire organization on measuring true safety improvement accomplishments.

We truly believe that measuring and publishing true safety improvement accomplishments by individuals and each area, will obtain more engagement than any other practice.  As the use of this metric grows, the safety world will benefit at a faster rate than ever before.

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