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How much time does it take for someone like a safety committee member, line supervisor, or any non-safety person to learn to use the app?

Just provide anyone you want to utilize the tool with login information, and they can start recording observations immediately.  Free 15-30 minute webinars are always available.  For the safety manager and/or administrator, a 30 minute webinar is also helpful but not required.


How much time does it take to enter an incident, observation, or safety concern?

All 1st aids, near misses, OSHA recordables, safe/unsafe behavior, or safety concern can be entered from any phone, tablet, or PC in less than 90 seconds, including taking a picture.  If you have a safety concern, such as an unsafe condition, you can rank the risk, develop the corrective action, establish its relative priority, and assign responsibility and due date in less than an additional 90 seconds. It’s fast, easy, and safety management system compliant.


Who will this app work for?

Anyone managing safety at any small to medium size (50 – 20,000 employees) organizations.  Can be any kind of organization from manufacturing to hospitals to universities to government offices.


Other than the annual license fee, are there any setup costs, or additional costs for the full featured product?

No. The annual license fee is exactly what your cost will be.  


I have several locations that I’m responsible for, do I have to purchase a separate license for each?

No. The app can handle unlimited locations and users.  Our license generally will cover up to 2000 users, with special pricing available for larger organizations.


Does this app assign and track the person responsible for correcting unsafe conditions?

Yes.  It also notifies those involved of upcoming due dates as well as past due.


I have specific safe behaviors that I want to encourage.  Can we specify what behaviors are to be observed?

Yes.  We have included a library of behaviors by category (ergonomics, slip/fall, vehicle, etc.), and you are free to change and customize your behaviors at any time.  With this app, it is very easy to frequently change the behaviors that you would like supported.


Does this app have the ability to predict how many accidents have been prevented by each department and location?

Yes. By assigning a point value to all safe observations and automatically measuring the risk removed by improving an unsafe condition, you can obtain a fairly objective measurement that correlates with accidents prevent (and associated cost savings).

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